Pastorate Committee

  1. Consists of the presbyter-in-charge, along with 12 members (10 elected by the congregation and 2 Nominated by the Chairman)
  2. The members meet every 3rd Sunday regularly.
  3. Emergency meetings are held whenever necessary, to discuss matters that require immediate attention.
  4. Members facilitate complete coordination between all the other committee members, ensuring peaceful proceedings, leading to the welfare of the church and the congregation as a whole.
  5. During any function conducted in the church, the pastorate committee members along with others involve themselves to a great extent and ensure that everything is completed to perfection, even if it means staying overnight in the church on the eve of the function. The members are

          PASTORATE COMMITTEE 2018 - 21

Rev. M Wilson Dasan   Chairman
Mrs. Agnes Chittarasan  
Mr. Chandra Hasan J C  Treasurer
Mr. Christian Devaneson B  
Mr. Daniel Christopher S  Secretary
Mr. Dayalan A  
Mr. Jebaraj Eldin A  
Mr. Moses Koilpilai D  
Mr. Prem Kumar C  
Mrs. Rekha Prasad  
Mr. Samson William Charles  
Mr. Stephen Benjamin  
Mr. Yesudoss M K